Robyn Caplan



Sometimes I talk about my work in front of crowds. I’m (almost) always willing to come chat about my work and projects, depending on my schedule. Topics I tend to talk about:

  • Platform governance, media, and democratic theories

  • [Insert major social media platform here] + democracy

  • Content moderation, the organizational dynamics of platforms, and the impact on speech

  • How standards-making by platforms impacts the work of publishers and journalists

  • The use of platforms in strategic political communication, and issues in “media manipulation”


Keynote at the Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference, Austin, TX, 2018.



When I think I can add something to the issue, I will occasionally speak with journalists, mostly about tech policy, platform governance, and media economics. I’ve been quoted by journalists for VentureBeat, Vice, The Guardian (1, 2 ), NYMag , ProPublica, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, The New York Times (1, 2), and others.

Sometime I will talk on video as well:

Video editorial for NBC’s Think vertical.